Natural Gas Leaks, Odors or Emergencies

Severe Weather Safety

Severe Weather Safety Tips
Although outdoor natural gas meters are designed to withstand winter weather, those packed in ice could experience a temporary interruption of service.
To help avoid these types of problems, customers are advised to take the following steps:

* Keep your natural gas meter clear of ice.
* Remove ice with your hands or a broom.
* Never kick or hit your natural gas meter or its piping with a hammer or other hard object to break away built up ice.
* Make sure your natural gas meter is visible at all times and accessible for maintenance and emergency responders.
* Keep natural gas vents clear, unobstructed and free of debris. Some direct-vent and high-efficiency appliances have direct side wall outdoor vents and air intakes that could become obstructed during heavy snowfall.

When severe weather threatens your community, the well-trained professionals at Elizabethtown Gas are ready. Our employees participate in severe weather drills, and their training prepares them so that your home and business will have safe, reliable natural gas service.  In times of bad weather, here is what you need to know about your natural gas service:

  •  During severe weather, DO NOT turn the natural gas off to your home or business, even if evacuated.
  • If you smell natural gas, immediately leave the house and call our 24-hour emergency response line, at 1-800-492-4009.
  • NEVER try to identify the source of a natural gas leak yourself.
  • After severe weather, if a natural gas meter is damaged by fallen debris or is under water or you do not have gas service, immediately report it by calling our 24-hour emergency response line at 1-800-492-4009.

More Severe Weather Tips

No Power?  No Problem!
When severe weather hits and you lose power for days or even weeks, natural gas appliances like water heaters and ranges still work. And for the best defense against power outages, we recommed a natural gas generator. You'll have enough power to run all of your appliances and even your air conditioning.  Fueled continually by natural gas, most generators are fully automatic. Within seconds of an outage, the unit comes on, supplies power, and switches off when power returns. 

Contact our Energy Connection Center to learn more: 1-800-242-5830 , press four (4).