Meter Safety Checks

An Elizabethtown Gas representative may be knocking on your door. All Elizabethtown Gas representatives, including our contractor, Heath Consultants, will be happy to show you their company photo ID, with the Elizabethtown Gas Logo.

We are conducting physical inspections of our natural gas lines including interior gas piping and meters at your home or business. These inside surveys are an important preventative measure during which a safety check is performed by conducting inspections and proactively locating and identifying potential problems before they occur. This periodic inspection is mandated by federal and state regulations and is an important piece of our safety program.

Your safety is our number one priority! When our representatives are on the job, they carry a photo-identification badge with the Elizabethtown logo on it. Please do not hesitate to ask for identification.

If it's not a convenient time for you to have us perform this maintenance check, please indicate to your Elizabethtown Gas technician when the maintenance check can be done, or contact 866.331.5325 to schedule an appointment within the next 30 days.

Without being able to complete the maintenance check, your natural gas service will be subject to interruption. If there is inclement weather the day we have scheduled to come to your premises, we will reschedule for another day.

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