Electronic Data Interchange

To make it even easier for our commercial customers to conduct business with us, Elizabethtown Gas offers a business-to-business transactional process -- EDI or Electronic Data Interchange.

Contact us today at EDISupport@southernco.com to determine which program is best suited for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)?
The computer-to-computer exchange of standard business documents such as purchase orders, invoices or payment information, in electronic format.

EDI enables organizations to remove costs and inefficiencies from transaction-based processes by using the automation of data exchange.

Benefits of Paying via EDI

  • Increased speed — business documents are exchanged electronically rather than on paper. 
  • Improved accuracy — information exchanged electronically relies less on manual data entry.
  • Cost savings — increased speed and improved accuracy of the transactions
  • Improved cash flow —integrated applications, improve overall efficiencies
  • Reduced overhead costs — paper, envelopes, postage, storage space costs decrease
  • Increased transaction visibility—maintain electronic audit trails especially for SOX and IRS requirements.

Transactions Currently Offered via EDI

  • Supply Chain — Purchase Orders (850), Invoices (110 and 810), Inventory (846) and Payment Order/Remittance Advice (ACH/CTX/EDI 820)
    • Required EDI Trading Partner Agreement
  • Remittance Processing — Gas Payments (ACH/CTX or CCD+/EDI 820); 
    • Required EFT Authorization Agreement
  • Customer eBilling — gas bills (EDI 810)
    • Requires EDI Trading Partner Agreement
    • Requires EFT Authorization
  • NAESB — Interstate Pipelines
    • Commodity Movement Services(873) and Response (873)
    • Available No-Notice (EDI 873)
    • Pre-Determined Allocation (EDI 873)
    • Requires NAESB EDI Trading Partner Agreement
  • NAESB — Retail
    • Requires Elizabethtown Gas Transportation Services Agreement
    • Requires NAESB EDI Trading Partner Agreement
      • Customer Enrollment Request and Response(EDI 814)
      • Customer Historical Usage Request and Response (EDI 814)
      • Customer Drop and Response (EDI 814)

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