Severe Weather Information

Much of our service territory experienced significant flooding and damage due to Tropical Storm Ida and our hearts go out to those who lost or sustained damage to their homes and businesses. We are committed to ensuring your safety and diligently working to restore natural gas service to pre-storm status. For your safety, please review the information below:

If your meter was submerged in water AND your natural gas service has not been turned off, please call us 1.800.242.5830.


Equipment Replacement Incentives

If you need to replace your heater, and/or water heater, incentives are available for Elizabethtown Gas customers.

  • Rebates up to $1,500 on select HVAC equipment
  • Income-Qualified Customers may receive an additional $200 rebate
  • Up to $15,000 at 0% APR financing for 7 years through the On-Bill Repayment Program (OBRP)* option

*Terms and conditions apply.

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Flood Safety Tips:

  • If accessible, unplug electric appliances and turn off the natural gas supply valve to any gas appliance, which can be located on the gas line connected to the appliance.
  • Avoid basements with standing water, sewage, or other electrical hazards.
  • Do not touch appliances if they are surrounded by water, as they may become electrically charged. 
  • Appliances that have been exposed to water may not operate properly. Replace them or have them inspected by a qualified service professional prior to use.
  • Many towns or municipalities require inspection prior to restoring gas and electric services. After water has been cleared, contact your town to determine if this is a requirement.
  • For more safety tips, visit

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