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Natural gas is the safe, reliable, affordable energy source that can help improve your home and living experience.

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Benefits of Switching to Gas

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When compared to other fuel sources, natural gas gives you more for your money.

In fact, you could save up to $ 2,346 a year.*

To see how much you could save, select your current home energy source below.

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4 Easy Steps to Switch to Natural Gas


1. Contact a Rep - We'll gladly walk you through the process and answer any questions.


2. Connect Your Home - Our Participating Contractors will take care of connecting your home to natural gas and installing your equipment.


3. Consider High-Efficiency Equipment and Appliances - Once your home is connected to natural gas, upgrade to gas appliances to achieve your annual savings potential.


4. Love Your Home - Enjoy all of your new natural gas benefits!

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*Average annual savings when switching from alternative heat sources and assume use of high efficiency natural gas equipment. Actual savings vary based on usage and energy source. Fuel comparison based on February 2021 EIA data. Visit to calculate individual savings. Availability of natural gas is not guaranteed and contingent upon household proximity to natural gas connection. Visit for financing and rebate details.