WARMAdvantage Rebates

New Jersey's Clean Energy Program offers Elizabethtown Gas customers generous WARMAdvantage rebates toward the purchase and installation of new, premium efficiency natural gas equipment. The WARMAdvantage program includes the following:

  • $250 for a Tier 1 furnace with AFUE 95% or greater efficiency
  • $500 for a Tier 2 furnace with AFUE 97% or greater
  • $300 for a hydronic boiler with an 90% AFUE or greater
  • $300 for a gas on demand/tankless water heater with an .82 EF or greater ENERGY STAR rating
  • $300 for a gas water heater with a 90% or greater Thermal Efficiency.
  • $300 for a Power Vent Water Heater with EF .67 or greater. 
  • Up to $950 for Combination system installations of a qualifying furnace or boiler with a qualifying water heater

Why should you take advantage of these special rebates? Premium-efficiency equipment helps you save money every month and conserve natural resources for future generations. Elizabethtown Gas Energy Efficiency program offers an enhancement to these rebates. Click here for details.

More information, including rebate applications and free buying guides for natural gas furnaces, boilers and water heaters, is available by calling the WARMAdvantage Program toll-free at 866.657.6278.

For details regarding the WARMAdvantage program, including eligibility requirements and rebate applications, visit the NJ Clean Energy web site.

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