Introducing the new Elizabethtown Gas Billing Statement

View the information on the back of your monthly bill.

Please Pay This Amount – shows your total balance for the billing period, includes any previous balance, present charges and/or credits.

  1. Please Pay By – tells you when payment is due. AutoDraft customers will see the amount to be automatically debited from their bank account and the date it will be debited.
  2. Next Reading Date – is the next time your meter is scheduled to be read. The line item area in the center describes all your charges and payments/credits for the billing period.
  3. Price to Compare – is found just below the line item area.  Use this as a comparison price to shop for lower-cost period, including: meter readings, both old and new; amount of gas used, in hundreds of cubic feet, therm conversion factor, which converts the amount of gas used from cubic feet into therms; and number of therms billed in the billing period.
  4. Basic Gas – is the cost of the natural gas. The CAC (Consolidated Adjustment Charge) combines the Societal Benefits Charge and Weather Normalization Charge. A detailed description of these adjustment charges – along with many of the terms above – appear on the back of the monthly bill.
  5. Usage Comparison – shows the average daily usage for the billing period this year, compared with the same period last year.

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