NGV Benefits

NGV Benefits

Proven and Reliable – nearly 15 million NGVs are in use worldwide, with more than 135,000 in the U.S.

Fuel Savings – The U.S. is the major producer of natural gas. This abundant domestic supply has driven down the price of natural gas, ensuring that the price will remain below that of oil or other alternative energy sources. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) currently saves up to 50% over conventional fuels, and CNG vehicles are available for all types of applications, including business fleets and vehicles for personal use.

Environmental Benefits – CNG vehicles produce up to 90% fewer emissions than gasoline or diesel and reduce greenhouse gases 20-29% over diesel and gasoline.

Reduced Maintenance Costs – In some cases, oil change intervals for NGVs may be extended since natural gas burns cleaner than gasoline or diesel. Also, because natural gas engines have practically no carbon build-up, it is not uncommon for them to last longer than gasoline and diesel engines.

Quieter – Heavy-duty NGVs have an 80-90% lower noise level than comparable diesel vehicles.

Incentives – Significant federal and/or state tax credits and other incentives are often available for converting to NGVs.

Buses/Mass Transit, Service Provider Fleets – Transit agencies, airport and hotel shuttles, taxis, and service provider fleets across the country are increasingly switching to NGVs. 

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