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Understand What You're Shopping For ...

Before the energy restructuring legislation was passed in New Jersey, the ability to choose a natural gas supplier was limited to industrial and commercial customers, as well as some residential customers participating in pilot programs. Now, all residential customers have the opportunity to choose a natural gas supplier and possibly enjoy greater savings.

What  Exactly Are You Choosing?

With NJ Energy Choice, you now can choose the company that supplies your natural gas, the natural gas supplier. The company that distributes the natural gas to you will continue to be your current natural gas distributor (in your case, Elizabethtown Gas) regardless of which company you choose for gas supply.
  • Natural Gas Supplier- This is the company that provides the natural gas. You now have the opportunity to choose a new supplier if you so desire.
  • Natural Gas Distributor- This is the company that distributes the natural gas to you. They own the underground facilities that deliver natural gas to your home or business. This company is also known as your local utility, and regardless of which natural gas supplier you choose, your natural gas distributor will not change.

Whether you choose to change suppliers, or choose not to change suppliers, the decision will be yours. New Jersey Energy Choice gives you the opportunity to exercise your right to choose.

Protection Against Slamming

Under the state's Energy Competition Law, you cannot be switched to another natural gas supplier without your permission. That is called "slamming," and there are severe penalties against any company engaging in this practice. If you feel you have been slammed or have questions about a supplier's license, call the Board of Public Utilities at 800.624.0241.

How to Shop for a Natural Gas Supplier

Shopping for a natural gas supplier isn't that much different than shopping for anything else. What you need is information on the services of the companies that you are considering and an understanding of how to compare them. It's a step-by-step process ...
  • Step 1 - Go Shopping
    Go to the Board of Public Utilities' website for the list of natural gas suppliers, all licensed by the Board of Public Utilities, that are servicing your area.
  • Step 2 - Ask Questions
    Prepare a list of questions to ask all natural gas suppliers you are considering. The time to ask is BEFORE you sign a contract.
  • Step 3 - Compare and Calculate Savings
    Compare prospective natural gas supplier prices with your current natural gas distributor's "price to compare" to determine how much you may save.
  • Step 4 - Decide Whether to Sign Up
    If you decide to choose a new natural gas supplier, there are two easy ways to sign up: through the mail or online.

Check out the third-party suppliers you can choose from.

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