Upgrade to Natural Gas FAQ

Upgrade to Natural Gas FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Commercial Customers

Q. Do I need to close down my business during the conversion process?
A. No. Most contractors you select for converting your heating equipment to natural gas will work along with your schedule and time constraints. Many are capable of doing this conversion work with little to no disruption to you or your customers.

Q. How will the contractor remove the old heating equipment from my building and bring the new equipment into my building?
A. Old oil or propane heating equipment can be disassembled on site. Most new gas heating equipment is designed to fit through a standard 36-inch doorway either as a complete unit or in sections that can be assembled onsite.

Q. What happens to my oil tank after I convert to natural gas? 
A. Your contractor must make arrangements for the decommissioning of your oil tank in accordance with all local and state code requirements.

Q. I would like to install natural gas in my facility, but I am not sure if gas is available in my area. How can I find out?
A. Provide us with important information about your facility and an account executive will be in touch to discuss how you can upgrade to natural gas. 

Q. Does Elizabethtown Gas offer any financial incentives to convert?
A. Yes, Elizabethtown Gas is a sponsor of New Jersey's Smart Start Buildings Program, which offers cash rebates to businesses that install high-efficiency natural gas technologies. Find out more about these and other incentive programs by calling 1.800.611.0480.

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