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EE Tips for Renters

EE Tips for Renters

One of the best things about energy efficiency is that it’s available to everyone, no matter where you live or work. Whether you rent or own, you can still practice energy efficiency to save money, use less energy and reduce your carbon footprint. Get started with these tips below.

  • If the thermostat in your rental home is controlled externally, ask the landlord to adjust the air conditioner/heater to a temperature that is more energy efficient.
  • Make sure that air vents are not blocked by furniture or appliances.
  • Use a fan instead of the air conditioner – or to work with the air conditioner, so you can turn up the thermostat and still stay comfortable.
  • Turn off fans in unoccupied rooms; fans cool people, not rooms.
  • Block air leaks around windows or doors with a rolled-up towel or a draft stopper.
  • Hang light-colored curtains or blinds in windows, which will reflect the sun and repel the heat on hot summer days.
  • Apply non-adhesive film on the inside of windows, which will block the sun’s heat in summer and enable the room to heat up faster in winter.
  • Remove area rugs from bare floors in summer to keep rooms cooler; replace them for more insulation in colder months.
  • Invest in LED lightbulbs, which are more energy efficient, last longer and give off less heat than traditional (incandescent) light bulbs.
  • Look for appliances with the ENERGY STAR label, which meet government standards to use less energy. The ENERGY STAR rating applies to smaller appliances like TVs, digital media players, computers and tablets, as well as big ones, like refrigerators.

Note: It’s a good idea to check with your landlord about any alterations you might want to make and how he or she might pitch in to support your energy efficiency goals. Even small efforts can add up to big savings!

Be sure to check out these other tips to save energy and money, in the summer and year-round!

Sources: SaveOnEnergyEnergy Star.

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