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Have an Energy-Efficient Valentine’s Day

Have an Energy-Efficient Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day does not need to be an expensive or wasteful occasion. In fact, by staying in for the night you can save money and enjoy the added benefit of energy savings with these suggestions:

  • Prepare a home cooked meal. By using a slow cooker, air fryer, grill or toaster oven, prepare a more energy-efficient dinner for your Valentine this year.
  • Dine by candlelight. What could be more romantic? Dim the lights and enjoy your favorite meal with the one you love in the perfect ambience.
  • Light a fire. Turn down the thermostat, grab your favorite blanket and curl up by the fire for dessert, hot chocolate or your favorite cocktail.
  • Watch a movie. Host a home movie night vs. heading to a crowded theater. To save even more energy, turn off the tv, snuggle close, and stream the flick on your laptop or tablet.
  • Unplug together. Skip the movie, turn off the devices, and challenge your Valentine to a game of Scrabble – or your game of choice.
  • Go green. The color of the month might be red, but when it comes to gift giving consider green. In lieu of flowers, opt for plants to improve air quality and reduce the need for energy-consuming air purifiers.
  • Take a stroll. Bundle up and head outdoors for a nice walk and maybe even a little star gazing with your favorite Valentine.
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