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Mouthwatering Savings on the Grill

Mouthwatering Savings on the Grill

You Go Grill!

Barbecues are a great way to enjoy time with family and friends, and using a grill outdoors keeps cooking heat out of your house. Gas grills are the most commonly sold grills today, and there are ways to save energy and money when using them – see the tips below.

  1. Don’t let a heated grill run idle. Only turn on the grill when your food is ready to cook, and it’s not necessary to wait more than five minutes for the grill to warm up.
  2. Cook smaller pieces. Cut down larger pieces of poultry, meat, fish and vegetables into smaller sections, which will take less time to cook – and speed up your serving time.
  3. Create high- and low-heat zones on your grill. High heat is great for searing food, while a lower heat will finish off your dish. Turning up the heat to try to grill food faster just ups your risk of burning the food’s exterior.
  4. Keep the lid closed to maintain temperature. An uncovered grill lets heat dissipate and lowers the cooking temperature, which wastes energy. No peeking!
  5. Use special features only when needed. The latest grills often include side burners, warming sections and other high-tech features, which will burn energy if they’re not turned off.
  6. Turn off your grill when cooking is done. Save energy by turning off the grill when all food is removed; also, for safety, use the shut-off valve when the grill isn’t operating, so children or others can’t turn the grill on.

And check out these grill safety tips from Elizabethtown Gas. 

Source: MassSave

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