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Smart Tips for an Energy-Efficient Garden

Smart Tips for an Energy-Efficient Garden

Make our garden even greener with these energy efficiency and water conservation tips.

Did you know it is possible to create a more energy-efficient garden this year? Whether it’s the time of day you’re watering plants to the type of seeds you are planting, you can enjoy a greener lawn and a happier garden.

Consider some of these energy-minded tips when tending to your garden this season.

  • Make the most of your mulch. Mulching helps improve soil quality and cuts down on water evaporation by retaining moisture.
  • Choose drought-resistant plants. Some varieties, like perennials, will help reduce your water use throughout the warm months. Perennials don’t require as much water nor do they need to be replanted each year like annuals.
  • Add led lighting to your garden. Who doesn’t enjoy the garden at night? Led bulbs are a fantastic option for outdoor lighting as they have 10 times the efficiency of incandescent bulbs.
  • Use energy-efficient gardening tools. Tools that require less energy, like battery and solar operated gadgets are an excellent, and much more energy-efficient, option compared to gas-powered gardening tools and equipment.
  • Water wisely. You can reduce water consumption in your garden AND maintain healthy and beautiful plants. Since water evaporates quickly in direct sunlight, be sure to water your plants early in the morning before it heats up.
  • Reuse rainwater. Have you ever thought about reusing water for your garden? Store a bucket or barrel beneath waterspouts and capture rainwater to keep your garden green and lush, while saving energy.

Let’s not forget about the lawn. It turns out it helps to actually keeping the grass a little longer because it retains water better and stays greener. More good news? Leave those grass clippings on the lawn (or save to compost in the garden) for additional nutrients.

Safety First!
Whether you are planting flowers or tackling a big backyard project, don’t forget to call 811 or visit so you know what’s below before you dig. Keep yourself and your community safe. Every dig. Every time.

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