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ETG's pathway to a clean energy future for you

As an energy industry leader and a partner in our communities, we are focused on balancing environmental sustainability goals with our paramount commitment to safety, affordability, and reliability in service to our customers. ETG is proud to have a track record of sustainable practices and is committed to supporting a clean-energy future that is cost-effective and available for everyone.

Natural Gas is an essential part of New Jersey’s energy mix and a practical solution toward innovating for a cleaner and sustainable future. It is an efficient energy source that powers water heaters, vehicles, laundry, cooking, heating, lighting, and outdoor living spaces and naturally uses less energy. And, natural gas is still the most affordable residential energy source according to the Department of Energy’s recently-released 2022 residential energy forecast.

Powering the Path Forward
Using Less to Achieve More

If we all do our part, we can make a big impact – and using less energy is vital to achieving our sustainability goals.  Energy Efficiency (EE) is defined as “using less energy to perform the same task, to avoid wasting energy.”  Using less is the easiest and most affordable way to reduce energy usage and everyone can do it.

ETG makes Energy Efficiency available to everyone, by continuously expanding our portfolio of Energy Efficiency programs that help you save energy and money. With safety, reliability, and affordability top of mind, in addition to offering a robust portfolio of Energy Efficiency programs, we’re investing in innovative technologies that will enable us to deliver cleaner-burning, lower-carbon energy to you, our customers, without sacrificing the natural gas benefits you currently enjoy.

Conserve - Energy Efficiency Programs & Tips
We’re empowering customers to help the environment as well as save money by investing in Energy Efficiency programs. ETG’s portfolio of Energy Efficiency programs, exclusively for ETG customers, make Energy Efficiency easy and affordable. Programs include:
Discounts and rebates on smart thermostats and energy efficient faucet aerators and showerheads -
Conserve, a comprehensive portfolio of energy efficiency programs and energy saving tips and resources to help customers reduce their energy usage, save money, and reduce environmental impact.
Rebates and 0%APR Financing, Energy Audits and Assessments, Home Weatherization for Income-Qualified Customers –

Our goal is to make Energy Efficiency easy and affordable for everyone.
 Explore the portfolio of Energy Efficiency programs at

Regular distribution system inspections and replacement reduce emissions and provide a safe delivery system for carrying cleaner forms of natural gas & the clean fuels of the future - RNG, Green Hydrogen, and more.
We’re extending the benefits of clean natural gas to more customers and doing it cost-effectively. Plus, the natural gas underground delivery system provides reliable energy customers can count on even through extreme weather events. Natural gas utilities across the country invest more than $95 million every single day in infrastructure upgrades and energy efficiency innovations. Nationally, emissions from the natural gas distribution system have declined 69% since 1990. Check out the natural gas industry’s Vision for the Future.

Clean Energy Technologies

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

Simply put, renewable natural gas is derived from decomposing organic waste found in daily life such as food waste, garden and lawn clippings, wastewater, and animal waste. That’s right, gases that are naturally occurring can be captured and repurposed as renewable natural gas. And RNG is delivery system compatible with existing infrastructure.

Benefits include a clean energy solution that can be used with existing appliances, heaters, and water heaters.

Working together, natural gas and renewables can hasten our reduction of emissions while keeping energy affordable and reliable. Further, a December 2020 General Electric report utilizing data from the International Energy Agency found that carbon emissions are reduced up to 40 percent more when renewables and natural gas work together, rather than renewables working on their own.

Where will Elizabethtown Gas get RNG from?

We're teaming up with regional suppliers and working together to create and deliver clean energy utilizing existing infrastructure and distribution systems. 

RNG Producer?

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How we can help you do your part.
Using less is the simplest and least expensive way to help the environment. Making a difference will take time. However, an everyday focus by all of us on using less will enable us all to achieve success, for a better today and tomorrow. Join Us. Conserve.

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