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Smart Energy Partners

Energy Efficiency Programs that help you save energy and money

ETG Smart Energy Partners includes solutions and incentives to save energy and money, exclusively for Elizabethtown Gas customers.

High-Efficiency Equipment Rebates

High-efficiency products use less energy and can help lower your monthly energy bills. Elizabethtown Gas and New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program offer up to $1,300 in rebates for the purchase and installation of high-efficiency natural gas equipment. Learn how much you can save.

Home Energy Assessments

Get a FREE home energy assessment to learn ways to save energy and money. Plus, during your assessment, the contractor may install energy-efficient measures including programmable thermostats, low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators. Schedule an assessment today.

Home Weatherization for Income-Qualified Customers

Eligible customers can receive free weatherization services and energy-saving education to help lower energy bills and make their home more comfortable. Services include a home energy assessment, HVAC system testing and installation of energy-saving measures including a programmable thermostat. Find out if you qualify.

Instant Home Energy Analysis

Take an easy online survey to learn where your home uses the most energy and receive tips on how to reduce energy usage and save money.

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