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Help is Here: Programs to Manage Energy Costs

Help is Here: Programs to Manage Energy Costs

Feeling like everything is more expensive right now? Rising costs are a reality, and families are routinely spending more on everyday items.

While gasoline prices are dropping nationwide (whew!), increases across household expenses have hit home budgets hard. Food prices surged 11.4% over the last year, even among some meal staples, as indicated below:

Item     % price increase
Eggs 39.8%,
Flour 23.3%
Milk 17%
Bread 16.2%
Chicken 16.6%
Fruits & vegetables   9.4%
Meat   6.7%

Household furnishings and supplies also were up 10.6% this summer, compared with 2021. Opportunities for savings are available.

Ways to Save
Steps to improve your home’s Energy Efficiency (EE) can help lower your monthly gas bill and increase the comfort of your home. Learn to conserve, with some easy EE practices, and check out the many financial incentives available, to begin saving energy and money now.

Also, there are programs available for income-qualifying customers who want to make EE improvements and reduce their utility bills, including:

  • Home Weatherization for Income Qualified Customers, a program that includes a free energy assessment and completion of measures to increase a home’s energy efficiency.
  • NJ Comfort Partners, a free program that helps income-eligible customers reduce their utility bills by implementing cost effective measures which save energy and money while improving their home's safety and comfort.

Concerned about paying your gas bill? Find out more about utility bill assistance with Elizabethtown Gas.

Big or small, the changes you make now can benefit your home – and your wallet – in the days ahead.

Sources: CNN; Reuters; CNBC.

Save energy and money -- check out SJG Energy Efficiency programs available exclusively for SJG customers.





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